Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yet another "last year was the last christmas" false prophecy

First read what I posted last year on Sunday, July 6, 2008:
Jim Bramlett has posted the same false prophecies for years (with a few different minor twists to it) claiming either an angel or a young child told someone (usually at walmart) that "this will be the last christmas". Yet Jim Bramlett has posted this similar themed false prophecy on the internet every year for at least ten years (that I know of) No repentance (or even apologies) when he is wrong - just more excuses.
christmas is entirely pagan and a mixture of paganism with "Christian" terms added to it to make it acceptable to those who would rather believe man made lies instead of God (God has always called worship of Him mixed with paganism an abomination)

Isaiah 44:25 I frustrate false prophets and their omens, I make fools of diviners, I drive back the sages and make their wisdom look silly.

Now we supposedly have an older woman who was told last christmas was the last christmas:


GabriDon (7 Nov 2009) "COULD IT BE FALL 2009 ?"

EMAIL POSTED 7/23/2009 from KIM
Wow!!! This lines up with something an 86 yr. old intercessor who spends 4-6 hrs a day in prayer heard. God has always spoken to her in an audible voice and told her in Fall 2008 " This is the last Christmas. " She said , "Lord do you mean my last Christmas or the last Christmas?" There was no answer.
She is a woman who is very careful with her words. She felt released to tell our prayer team the message which again said "This is the last Christmas" which was referring to Christmas 2008.
Needless to say, I know the verse say no one knows the day or the hour but we could very well know the week, month, season, year!!! Pray about it. God bless you all. ~ Kim

Remember the dream of Dr. Neil Lipkin, who stated the taxi driver in the dream said the Rapture would occur THIS FALL (2009). This was posted to Five Doves & RITA. The story gets even more incredible...

My Dream Of The Rapture Saturday Morning February 11, 2006
Katie and I are under a canopy waiting for her school bus. Katie apparently is about age 5. I help Katie onto the school bus three days in a row. On the third day, I tell Katie that we will be going to Bible study tonight. Katie goes to the back of the bus to sit; she starts talking to her friends and tells them that she is going to Bible study tonight. Katie comes off the bus crying and tells me that her friends said that she can't go to Bible study tonight because it is a Tuesday. Suddenly, a high school boy says to me in a rap style, You can't go to church on a Tuesday. As he finishes the word Tuesday my head automatically turns to the left upward and through the awning I see Jesus at the top of the world in the clouds, in a bright circle of white. Jesus looks almost like a silhouette and his arms are open wide. I drop something out of my hand and say to Katie out loud, It's time. In the blink of my eye I am drawn up through the awning and into the sky faster than a speeding bullet. It is as though I am in my own wind tunnel with my eyes on Jesus. I look down and all that I see is the wind coming off of my finger tips and feet. I look back at Jesus and just think, thank you. The dream ends and I start praying for my family and others that they would be in the rapture when Jesus comes.