Saturday, November 21, 2009

Give credit to a false prophet and it guarantees your letter will be posted on the five demons (doves) web site

Once again I have proven if you email flattery for one of the five demons (doves) false prophets, it guarantees your email will be posted. If you send an email stating the false prophet is a false prophet or that their false prophecies are demonic, you will be blacklisted.

In this case, the email posted flattery about false prophet Ron Reese. I knew it was guaranteed to be posted!


Jerry M (21 Nov 2009)
"One year to go and most are still in the dark"

I have been reading the Five Doves Letters for about 6 months now and am amazed how the Lord has revealed the end time events to the people of God. I am also amazed that the main stream "Church" has missed it completley. Can anyone writing to the FiveDoves Letters explain how so many people in the Church can be unaware of what is happening? You would think that at least one main stream preacher would see what Ron Reese sees and speak it from the pulpit. I do not watch much TV, so I do not know if anyone is speaking of these events in the large congregations but I do not think they are. Are any of the FiveDoves people hearing this anywhere else besides on the FiveDoves? More people need to hear this message!!