Thursday, November 19, 2009

False prophet Ron Reese uses new false prophecies to "confirm" previous false prophecies

False prophet Ron Reese needs to be institutionalized until he is stabilized on his anti-psychotic meds.

False prophet Ron Reese says you must accept his false prophecies and false teachings so you will be able to accept more of his lies and demonic teachings.

Messiah Yeshua says to Stay Alert because we do NOT know the day or the hour (of His return):

Matthew 25 (CJB)

Mat 25:13 So stay alert, because you know neither the day nor the hour.

obama NEVER confirmed ANY covenant with ANYONE during his pre-election infomercial in october 2008. This is nothing more than a demonic teaching of false prophet Ron Reese. All his other false prophecies and teachings rely on the acceptance of this demonic teaching as a fact.

Daniel 9 (CJB)

Dan 9:27 He will make a strong covenant with leaders for one week [of years]. For half of the week he will put a stop to the sacrifice and the grain offering. On the wing of detestable things the desolator will come and continue until the already decreed destruction is poured out on the desolator."


Ron Reese (19 Nov 2009) "Great Trib starts Apr. 11, 2012--CONFIRMS 10/29/08, CONFIRMED IN THE HEAVENS!!!!"
Below is part of a letter that I wrote in March, 2009. It is further proof that Obama is the Antichrist and that the 70th Week of Daniel runs from Oct. 29, 2008, through Feast of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015. The HEAVENLY SIGNS of lunar and solar eclipses, all on Jewish Feast Days in 2014 and 2015, point us to Sept. 23, 2015. Below is another AMAZING, INCREDIBLE HEAVENLY SIGN, THAT ALSO POINTS TO THE SAME DAY. For the past three weeks or so, I have been posting new emails, and re-posting old emails all for one purpose--SO THAT YOU COULD RECEIVE THE PROBABLE TIME FRAME OF THE RAPTURE STRAIGHT FROM THE WORD OF GOD!!! To be in a spiritual position to receive this, you must believe that we CAN KNOW THE TIME (at least approximately). You also need to believe that we are ONE YEAR into the 70th Week of Daniel. This has been the purpose of these recent emails. Lest there be any doubt, here is what the Lord has made SO VERY OBVIOUS to us. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST AND THE 70TH WEEK OF DANIEL STARTED OCT. 29, 2008, AND WILL CONCLUDE ON FEAST OF ATONEMENT, SEPT. 23, 2015!!! In my opinion, the evidence that has been presented to us is Scriptural, overwhelming, irrefutable, available to ALL who are seeking the truth, and absolutely amazing!!! With ALL the evidence the Lord has given us, the odds for this NOT to be the EXACT 7-year time frame are incalcuable, astronomical, and would totally defy ALL THE LAWS OF PROBABILITY. Very few were able to discern the 1st Coming of Christ. Their pre-conceived ideas, WHICH THEY DERIVED FROM MISINTERPRETING SCRIPTURE, turned out to be incorrect. On Sat., Nov. 21, 2009, I will be showing you what I believe the Lord is showing us concerning the TIMING OF THE RAPTURE STRAIGHT FROM THE WORD OF GOD!!! THE GREAT TRIBULATION STARTS APR. 11, 2012, WHICH CONFIRMS TIME FRAME OF THE 70TH WEEK OF DANIEL AND IS COMFIRMED BY SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS!! In 1996 and 1997, something happened that caused a whole lot of excitement among Biblical astronomers and astute watchmen. Two bright comets crossed at the EXACT SAME COORDINATES IN THE SKY. Back then, there was MUCH written about this rare, if not unique, event. Perhaps someone reading this can give us more information and insight on everything that was involved with these two comets. Now get this. Comet Hyatuke crossed these coordinates in the sky on APRIL 11, 1996, and comet Hale-Bopp crossed THESE SAME EXACT COORDINATES ON APRIL 11, 1997!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! According to Biblical astronomer Robert Wadsworth, this EXTREMELY RARE crossing of these two bright comets on Apr. 11, 1996, and Apr. 11, 1997, took place in the coordinates RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES OF ROSH SATAN!!! I emphasize APRIL 11TH, AS THE DAY OF THE YEAR. What is God trying to show us here? The fact that these two comets crossed on Apr. 11, 1996, and Apr. 11, 1997, RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES OF ROSH SATAN, is pointing us to SATAN'S MAN, THE ANTICHRIST. If you read my posts of Nov. 6 and Nov. 7, 2008, you will remember that the Lord showed me that the 70th Week of Daniel began on Oct. 29, 2008, and will end 2520 days later, on Feast of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015. Are you ready for this? This means that the mid-point of the Final Seven Years, the FIRST DAY OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION, THE DAY THAT THE ANTICHRIST, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, BECOMES SATAN INCARNATE, WILL BE ON APRIL 11, 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXACTLY 1260 DAYS AFTER OBAMA CONFIRMED THE COVENANT OF DANIEL 9:27 HE WILL BECOME SATAN IN THE FLESH!!! With SEVEN supernatural confirmations of what happened on this historic date of Oct. 29, 2008, three within 24 hours of the revelation that the Lord has given to me, NOBODY CAN CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE. The events in the heavens, just as Jesus predicted, CONFIRM to us the EXTREME IMPORTANCE OF APRIL 11TH. It is time to let the old theology, which I used to subscribe to, go. There will be no Rapture before the 70th Week of Daniel. There may, or may not be, some kind of a peace and nuclear disarmament agreement, probably after the Sudden Destruction/Rapture. BUT IT CANNOT BE 7 YEARS IN LENGTH. Discerning believers CAN KNOW the identity of the Antichrist, despite what we have been taught for years. The Antichrist does NOT have to come from Europe. His name is Barack Hussein Obama, of mysterious and unknown roots. THE MYSTERY OF THE IDENTITY OF THE ANTICHRIST IS OVER!!! Most would not receive Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah the first time, because of their INCORRECT INTERPRETATIONS OF SCRIPTURES. The same thing is NOW taking place, regarding the coming of our Lord and end-times Bible Prophecy. Seek the Lord Himself for answers, not man-made traditions and misinterpretation of Scriptures. Study the Scriptures for yourself, with an open heart and an open spirit. We no longer have to guess as to the identity of the Antichrist. We no longer have to guess as to the time frame of the 70th Week of Daniel. IT IS HERE!!! We also do not have to guess as to the start of the 1260-day Great Tribulation. IT IS APRIL 11, 2012!!! Either you believe what I have just written, or you have to tell me that it is just ONE MORE COINCIDENCE that 1260 days after Obama confirmed the covenant on Oct. 29, 2008, just happens to fall on April 11th, the date that the Lord marked in the heavens. Is it also just ANOTHER COINCIDENCE that 2520 days (7 Jewish years) after this same historic date of Oct. 29, 2009, is on a Feast of Atonement, THE FEAST DAY THAT JESUS IS SUPPOSED TO RETURN TO EARTH???!!! Is it just ANOTHER COINCIDENCE that we have a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse just before and just after Feast of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015??? I suppose that it is ANOTHER COINCIDENCE that Sept. of 2015 concludes a Sabbatical cycle AND a Jubilee cycle. And then there is the best one of all. It is the conclusion of most prophetic scholars that June 6-7, 1967, the day Israel re-captured Jerusalem, was the beginning date of the last generation before Christ returns. This is the marker date that thrust the world into the LAST DAYS. ONE COMPLETE JUBILEE CYCLE OF 49 (7 X 7) YEARS FROM THIS HISTORIC MARKER DATE OF JUNE 6-7, 1967, TAKES US EXACTLY TO SEPT. 23, 2015, FEAST OF ATONEMENT!!!!!!!!!! Just ANOTHER COINCIDENCE ?????? The guesswork is over, my Christian brothers and sisters. The time frame is thoroughly entrenched. It cannot be moved. If you have not read my posts of Nov. 6 and Nov. 7, 2008, PLEASE read them, to see why I am totally convinced of these two things: 1. The 70th week of Daniel began the day that Obama confirmed the convenant of Daniel 9:27, on Oct. 29, 2008, and will end 2520 days later, on FEAST OF ATONEMENT, Sept. 23, 2015. 2. Barack Hussein Obama IS the Antichrist. You can now save yourself a lot of valuable time by NOT reading about any other Antichrist candidate, or any other 7-year time frame. It will save you a lot of time and confusion. We can now add one more firmly entrenched time marker. APRIL 11, 2012, IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION!!! There is NO way that it could be just ANOTHER COINCIDENCE. It is the day Obama will become Satan incarnate, or Satan in the flesh. It has been marked in the Heavens. IT IS RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HOLY WEEK OF 2012. Are you trying to tell me this is just ONE MORE COINCIDENCE??? It is the EXACT midpoint of the time frame just mentioned above, EXACTLY TO THE DAY!!! If the Antichrist is going to try to imitate Christ, by resurrecting from his mortal head wound, after 3 days, what better time to do it, then during the Holy Week, during the Spring Feast Days. April 11, 2012, IS RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HOLY WEEK!!! In my opinion, we now KNOW the first day, last day, and mid-point of the 70th Week of Daniel. This brings us to the DAY WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR , THE DAY OF OUR RAPTURE. I AM ABOUT TO REVEAL TO YOU, WITHIN A VERY SHORT TIME FRAME, WHAT I BELIEVE THE LORD IS SHOWING TO ME CONCERNING THE TIME OF THE RAPTURE, AND IT IS STRAIGHT FROM THE WORD OF GOD!!! WE ARE LIVING IN EXTREMELY EXCITING DAYS, AND MOST CHRISTIANS ARE SO TOTALLY UNAWARE. DO NOT BE ONE OF THEM!!! Maranatha! Ron