Saturday, May 29, 2010

False prophet jim bramlett still spreading lies

Nothing like a little fear mongering to amass a following. False prophets such as jim bramlett love to tell people smooth lies to tickle their ears. Who cares if they have any truth to them so long as it sounds good???

Now false prophet jim bramlett is claiming un vehicles are being stored in florida preparing to "haul us off" and posts another idiot false prophet's video to support the lies.

The facts:

Reynolds Airpark was an airforce base during WWII. It then became a public airport until it was closed and sold for development. It is now a business park operated by Clay County Port and they rent office space.

Since they have land / sea / rail / air access, they have become a multi use facility. Some of their tennants repair rail cars and shipping containers, aircraft repair, fix and store yachts (fresh water storage) especially important during hurricanes. They also were / are a distribution center for KIA cars - the white vehicles in the picture (before they go off and are painted) The satellite coverage was before the Georgia plant opened and were importing cars before painted / distributed in the u.s. It's highly likely KIA is still a tenant and is where the vehicles are stored before being shipped off.

The vehicles in the satellite coverage are around 13' long - about the size of a standard car - far too small to be used as trailers to "haul people off" as false prophets / kooks are trying to scare people into thinking.

This is a typical SEA PORT that is in such a great location in that they have air access as well. You have a choice - to 1) look at the facts and check them for yourself or 2) believe the false prophets and all of their smooth sounding lies.

2 Timothy 4
3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires,

4 and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths.

The satellite coverage is january 3, 2008 (copyright 2010) Location can be found at: 29°58'25.04"N 81°39'45.91"W


Jim Bramlett (29 May 2010)
"LOOK AT THIS!!!! An old airstrip near Jacksonville, Florida"

> See


This is extremely curious, After you see the video, see photo below from Google Earth which confirms it.

What's going on? Are they preparing to haul us away? (I'll not go quietly!)



Saturday, May 22, 2010

The five demons ("doves") and other false so-called "christians" will help usher in the mark of the beast


Most so-called "christians" (deceivers working for antichrist) support arizona's new immigration law. This will lead to the mark of the beast - something these false demon led "christians" are helping to force on the people --- while claiming to be againstthe mark of antichrist!

The arizona law will ultimately lead to travel papers for EVERYONE (just like in nazi germany and in socialist countries) Because these documents can be forged, there will need to be a way to identify everyone in order to prove their immigration / citizenship status. This will lead to a microchip being implanted in either the right hand or forehead.

Everyone who loves their freedom will oppose any law which will require them to carry their identification papers. Those who support the arizona law supports being implanted with a microchip to "keep the illegals out". Just because you support the constitution and the rights against illegal search does not mean you support amnesty for all undocumented workers who are in the united states illegally.

Most mexicans are here to support their families and better their lives. Most are hard workers. I would rather have illegal mexican neighbors who have jobs and pay taxes than have illegal muslim terrorists that are here to destroy america from within (not all muslims - many are here to improve their lives and help their families - I specifically stated muslim terrorists) yet most approve the arizona law knowing it would not be politically correct to inquire of a muslim's citizenship so nobody ever will - and the only ones that will ever be asked are hispanic in spite of the "non racial profiling" clause in the law.

Why is it people are against the "illegal" mexicans and are saying nothing about the "illegal" aliens from other countries??? This is pure racism - especially when a british citizen who has been here illegally for ten years and they have never been asked to prove citizenship - and it would be doubtful they would be asked even in arizona yet any hispanic that is tenth generation united states citizen will need to prove their citizenship just because a police officer "suspects" they may not be in the united states legally??? During world war 2, the Jewish people (and other groups) were marked - and now you are having the same thing happen in amerika - and so-called [pretend] "christians are supporting it!

Here is one example of an evil false "christian" who is working for antichrist and to tear freedoms away from americans. Apparently, if these figures are correct, 86% of amerikans will support the mark of the beast.


Gina McCray (22 May 2010)

Sharing a recent blog entry that shows why Obama is opposing the majority of Americans polled!