Friday, March 12, 2010

Narcissist false prophet 'Jen' thinks she's special

If someone has been in the navy for 18 years, then obviously they know they can be deployed and are willing to serve wherever called - otherwise they should have chosen a different career.

If they are a "Christian family and strongly believe in parenting core values" then they should never have become a military family and/or should have gotten out after the latest conflict started.

The government does not want to "split their family apart" - they want to send a trained military person to the conflict in Afghanistan in accordance with the employment contract they have with him. Why does false prophet 'Jen' think her family is any more special than the thousands of others tat have been deployed overseas??? Why does she think her husband should be immune from being deployed???

Getting out of an employment contract is not Christian. I am praying this man is deployed and temporarily seperated from the false prophet (his wife) in order that he may find real salvation.


Jen (12 March 2010)

Please pray for my husband Steve who has been in the US Navy for 18 years? He just called for orders and the Navy wants to send him to Afganastain for TWO YEARS. We are watchers just like the rest of you all in waiting for the Lords return. We know what is coming down the line, and I don't want him over in Afganastain at this time. I have two children (little ones) who need their father, we are a Christian family and STRONGLY BELIEVE IN PARENTING CORE VALUES. The Government wants to split our family apart, and my husband is the only family I have. We have no other family. Please pray and ask the Lord to step in and Bless Steve with staying on the East Coast? I have been praying alllll day since I found out. I need all the prayers I can get. Thank you all and God Bless every one of you who don't even know me and are willing to pray on my husbands behalf. YSIC Jen


Saturday, March 6, 2010

A post I made on yahoo regarding evolution

The evolution theory disproves itself making it junk science.

If a cell evolved out of mud, primordial ooze, or whatever -- what is the driving force for it to want to reproduce? and what is the force driving it to want to evolve? Without this driving force, it would simply exist and eventually die off not caring if it reproduced or evolved or not. Consequently, the theory of evolution requires the existence of God (the "driving force") and with the existence of God, it makes evolution unnecessary.

I believe everyone should study the theory of evolution since it is widely taught although they should also be taught the downfalls of such unproven false theories as well. It is important to study all sides of an issue in order to make informed opinions.

Why do those who believe in evolution feel so threatened with studying creationism? - because they know their evolution theory has so many holes and that they do not want to admit the existence of God? (because if they did admit God exists, they know they are accountable to Him)