Saturday, March 6, 2010

A post I made on yahoo regarding evolution

The evolution theory disproves itself making it junk science.

If a cell evolved out of mud, primordial ooze, or whatever -- what is the driving force for it to want to reproduce? and what is the force driving it to want to evolve? Without this driving force, it would simply exist and eventually die off not caring if it reproduced or evolved or not. Consequently, the theory of evolution requires the existence of God (the "driving force") and with the existence of God, it makes evolution unnecessary.

I believe everyone should study the theory of evolution since it is widely taught although they should also be taught the downfalls of such unproven false theories as well. It is important to study all sides of an issue in order to make informed opinions.

Why do those who believe in evolution feel so threatened with studying creationism? - because they know their evolution theory has so many holes and that they do not want to admit the existence of God? (because if they did admit God exists, they know they are accountable to Him)