Thursday, June 17, 2010

False prophet Debbie Peters cries about her idiols being destroyed


God said to NEVER make an image of Him. This includes images of Yeshua (Jesus) yet one of the five demons ("doves") is crying and saddened because her idols were destroyed.

I have not posted much about the five demons ("doves") false prophets recently because I would be spending hours a day exposing their antichrist agenda / satanism.

Anyone with any discernment would see that the five doves (spelling it out correctly for the search engines) is satanic, wicked, full of false prophets, and is condemned by God.

Maybe the five demons ("doves") == islams "five pillars. The five pillars of the false prophets??? Some of the false prophets even promote white supremist / neo nazi youtube videos.

I am glad the idolatry was removed.


Debbie Peters (17 June 2010)
"Three Christ Statues Vandalized"

This vandalism took place at a cemetery near my home in April.

The recent posts of a Jesus statue being hit by lightening reminded me of our community's tragic loss.

These statues were hand crafted in Italy 50 years ago.

It was so sad to see that these beautiful statues had been removed when I took flowers to my loved ones on Memorial Day. I had enjoyed them since I was a child. They brought such peace and comfort!

I wonder what will become of the exquisite statues, and other Christian art depicting the live of Jesus after the Rapture?

Surely, the Anti-Christ will order everything to be destroyed.



Three Christ statues vandalized at Sandy cemetery
By Sheena McFarland
The Salt Lake Tribune
Updated: 04/12/2010 06:33:51 PM MDT

Three statues of Jesus Christ were vandalized in Sandy over the weekend, and police are looking for suspects.
Two of the statues at Larkin Sunset Gardens cemetery, at 1950 E. 10600 South in Sandy, were decapitated and a third had a large chunk of marble taken out of the neck and chin.
"We're very concerned and disturbed that someone would do such a thing," said Rob Larkin, senior vice president of Larkin Mortuary and Cemeteries. "We are trying to find out who did it and move on from there."
The vandalism occurred between Saturday night and early Monday morning, when work crews discovered the vandalism.
The statues were put in place as each of the sections of the cemetery opened, and are about 50 years old. The owners did not have a value on the statues.
Anyone with any information is asked to call the Sandy Police Department at 801-568-7200.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

obama's "five pillars" = islam's "five pillars" ???

If anyone doubts obama is a muslim then do two google searches:

    • obama five pillars
    • islam five pillars
Do you have "five pillars" ???

Does most people have "five pillars" ???

Obviously obama knows about the five pillars of islam because he was raised muslim - so why would he use "five pillars" for his government structure if he wasn't a muslim???


False prophet jim bramlett - now claims figs are "a sign"

I cannot believe how unstable false prophet jim bramlett is in that he will believe anything / twist anything to make it into a "sign". He accepts other false prophets claims at face value - absolutely NO discernment. He takes something as common as a false prophet - or a made up story - claiming a fig tree producing figs to be a "sign from God".

Fig tree commonly produce two crops of figs a year - a spring crop and a summer crop. In mild winter areas when the temperature is warm, it is not uncommon for them to produce figs at other times during the year. False prophet jim bramlett is claiming he received an email from someone in south africa and that person is claiming figs are being produced on his tree in mid winter which never happened before.

If there was snow on the ground and this could be independently verified (jim bramlett has repeatedly made up angel visitation stories to sell his books and promote his web site) then that could possibly be considered a sign. Let's give theis false prophet the benefit of the doubt and accept his story of receiving this email at face value. The weather in south america is over 60F at 9PM. Ths type of weather will cause a fig tree to break dormancy and produce figs and put out leaves.

Use discernment. Don't accept stories and made up fables. This type of garbage is how false prophets gain a following.


Jim Bramlett (3 June 2010)
"Fig trees sprouting"

Dear friends:

Jesus said, “Look at the fig tree and all the trees. When they sprout leaves, you can see for yourselves and know that summer is near. Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that the kingdom of God is near "(Luke 21:29-31) .

Today I received an interesting e-mail from a friend in South Africa, who said:

Hi Jim,
We have the most interesting phenomenon taking place in our garden right now. Usually, at this time of the year (winter now in S.A.) the fig trees are leafless. But for the first time ever since we have been here and it is now 30+ years that we have been living in this house, our garden's fig trees not only have leaves, but they are bearing fruit!!! And not just a few isolated figs, but many figs are developing to full maturity - we have even eaten some of them and they're good!

Makes me think of what Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God being at hand!!! Luke 21:29-36.

Me thinks I can hear the footsteps of the Master approaching!!!!


This is phenomenal.