Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Foolish woman Linda Arn is also following false prophet Ron Reese

Studying the satanic drivel from Ron Reese and Linda Arn believes his demonoic mutterings is from God??? There is absolutely NO discernment left on the five demons (doves) web site - they are given over to the strong delusion spoken to them by the false prophets of satan.


Linda Arn (10 Nov 2009) "To Ron Reese"
I’ve been studying your articles since you started posting on this subject and I’ve read them over and over again. I believe the Holy Spirit is telling me that you are absolutely right. I don’t believe in coincidence. The 30 minute time frame of the silence in heaven and the 30 minute time frame of his speech are just too much! It has to be connected. I’ve had gut feelings all along about Obama. When I first heard his speech at the 04 democratic convention, I turned to my husband and said “You’re looking at our next president.” I don’t know why I thought that but I just knew and my skin crawled when I said it. (I am a reformed democrat by the way. After being brain washed from child hood by a democratic family, I finally woke up!) And right after he announced his candidacy my son called and said “Mama, is he the antichrist?” It gave me cold chills. Thank you for all your hard work on this. May God bless you. Linda A.