Friday, November 6, 2009

false prophet Ron Reese makes false prophecies then makes up false doctrines based on his own false prophecies

Amazing what false prophets will do and how they will completely defend their false prophecies even after they have been proven to be false over a year ago.

Covenant means a formal agreement between both parties - not a one sided obama infomercial held in october 2008 which false prophet Ron Reese claims was the "seven year covenant with the people of the world". NOWHERE did obama mention a seven year covenant with anyone in his campaign infomercial. NOWHERE was their an agreeement between obama and the viewers for anything. In a previous post false prophet Ron Reese claimed the obama infomercial ran every day for one week and that was fulfilled Daniel 9:27 which says "He will make a strong covenant with leaders for one week" (CJB) Now he is claiming the covenant will be confirmed during the entire seven years (because someone else called him on the obama infomercial running every day for a week and he had to change his false prophecy because he was proven to be a liar / false prophet)

False prophet Ron Reese is a wack job - he is twisting scripture and making false prophecies. God is allowing him to be deceived with false "confirmations" because he is an unrepentant false prophet just as he let the false prophets in Ancient Israel continue making their false prophecies (which spirits had confirmed to them would happen)

Ezekiel (CJB)

Eze 13:3 Adonai Elohim says: "Woe to the vile prophets who follow their own spirits and things which they have not seen!
Eze 13:4 Isra'el, your prophets have been like jackals among ruins.
Eze 13:5 You [prophets] have not gone up to the breaks in the barricade or repaired it for the house of Isra'el, so that they can stand fast in battle on the day of Adonai.
Eze 13:6 Their visions are futile and their divination is false; they say, 'Adonai says,' when Adonai has not sent them; yet they hope that the word will be confirmed.
Eze 13:7 Haven't you had a futile vision and spoken a false divination when you say, 'Adonai says,' and I have not spoken?
Eze 13:8 Therefore here is what Adonai Elohim does say: 'Because you have spoken futilities and seen falsehoods, therefore I am against you,' says Adonai Elohim.
Eze 13:9 " ' "My hand will be against the prophets who have futile visions and produce false divinations; they will not be allowed into the council of my people, or be written in the register of the house of Isra'el, or enter the land of Isra'el. Then you will know that I am Adonai Elohim.


It seems like nobody wants to take the time and effort to do a thorough word study to find out the truth. "With many" is the phrase that we have always been taught means Israel and several other countries. The Hebrew word "many" here means vast multitudes of people, or millions, not a handful of Middle East countries. So a thorough Word study of Daniel 9:27 (please do not write back to me unless you have recently done a thorough open-minded Hebrew Word study of this verse on your own) reveals NOTHING ABOUT ANY TREATY, NOTHING ABOUT ANY PEACE AGREEMENT, NOTHING ABOUT ISRAEL, AND NOTHING ABOUT A HANDFUL OF MIDDLE EAST COUNTRIES (NOT EVEN A HINT OF ANY OF THAT).

I know that it sounds right, and SEEMS to support the context, and also, SEEMS to flow with other Scriptures in the Bible. But this is supposed to be the primary verse in Scripture that supports that "theory", or teaching. The Hebrew does not even come close to supporting this teaching that so many Christians take as the absolute truth, without even studying it for themselves. Now, I do believe there will probably be an agreement of some type made with Obama and Israel and others, but it CANNOT be 7 years in length, as we now have only about 6 years to go before the end of the 70th Week of Daniel. It also CANNOT be the covenant of Daniel 9:27.

Can you name me one peace treaty that is only supposed to last for a certain amount of time? A pre-set condition of a determined length of time, such as 7 years, is unheard of, but Christians swallow it up, because that is what so-and-so teaches, or because that is what they read someplace. "For one week" does mean 7 Jewish years, or 2520 days. What this verse is teaching us is that the confirming of the covenant will comprise one Sabbatical week, and end at the end of that Sabbatical week. Not only is Sept. 23, 2015, the end of a Sabbatical week, but it is the end of a Jubilee cycle of 49 years. So a year like 2015 comes along only once every 49 years.