Saturday, November 21, 2009

Make up garbage with numbers (numerology) and five demons (doves) will post it - Guaranteed!

I cannot believe the most horrendous emails full of numbers and false dreams will be posted - no questions asked. But send an email using scripture 9only) about false prophets and you become blacklisted. There is more than enough proof the five demons (doves) web site is a satanic impersonation of Christianity that any thinking and/or discerning person can see. Then why are so many deceived by the obvious lies and false prophecies??? Strong delusion is very strong so that the very elect are nearly deceived so those who are false prophets themselves are so easily deceived.

"JH" posts about "reprieves", "cut short (not even knowing what is meant)

Note that some false prophets are saying "god" told them the rapture would be in 2009, some false prophets claim "god" told them 2010, and others 2011. Does God lie that He tells people different dates??? Or are those who claim He told them something liars / deceivers or are they hearing from a lying spirit they *THINK* is God ???

"JH" is a post to prove the five demons (doves) will post anything that is made up as long as it is not biblical.


JH (21 Nov 2009)

Folks, we're still on for Sagittarius 1, Nov. 23, Monday (Kislev 6). It is exactly 52 days past Succoth, '09 (when it BEGAN on Oct. 2 in Japan); and when Jesus Returns, there are 52 days til the end (after the 23 days have been subtracted as the earth straightens) 52 on each side. Note that 75 minus 23 days is 52 days. The minus 23 is the 'cut short' so that flesh can be saved; i.e. the straight earth brings the earth back to livable position with the water canopy, etc.

The 2520 days trib spans Nov. 23 (Rapture/Signing) this year to the exact day of Succoth (Tabernacles), Oct. 17, 2016, when Jesus RETURNS.

Add 75 to any Tishrei 15 (Succoth) to arrive at Tevet 1, Conception Day (8th Day of 8th Feast). Tevet 1 is the end of the Trib (without the minus 23); with the 23 minus, the end is Kislev 8, Capricorn 8, December 8.

The 2300 days of Temple Worship begins on Tammuz 17, 2010 (1st Fast Day) and ends at Succoth (Oct. 17, 2016). There are 3 extra days that won't be counted while the A.C. is dead (just as Nis. 14-17 was not counted while Jesus was in the tomb).

The 3-day mid-trib is Taurus 15 (A.C. breaks covenant) to Taurus 18, 2013 (A.C. rises, indwelt by Satan). Taurus is the bull, the sign of God's anger (beginnning of GREAT Trib).

At Jesus' Return on Tabernacles, the earth backs up 23 days to Elul 22, which is still in the Rosh year of 2015. Add 30 days mourning to arrive at Tishrei 22, the 8th Day Succoth when Jesus enters the Temple from Petra with the Remnant.

Subtact 14 years from 2015 to arrive at Succoth 2001 (6001 - the 'third' day, i.e. 3rd thousand, from the '1st Day' when Jesus turned ONE). In other words Jesus would have turned age 2001.

The 52 days on THIS side of the Trib is the reprieve. The 52 days on the other side is the 75 minus the 23.

In actuality, the trib is Succoth '09 to Succoth, 2016 when you view it properly.

All the great modern patterns ended Succoth, 2008, warning was Succoth '08 to '09, and then the 52-day reprieve so that all works out on the other side of the scenario. You can see that the 52 HAD to pass on THIS side for the Return to be on Tabernacles.

All the other details can be gleaned from my 3 previous letters.

Take it or leave it, but it never looked better.........God bless................J.H.