Thursday, November 26, 2009

False prophet "Crin" - admits to being a diviner (prohibited by God)

I guess automatic restore of email (and other programs) is a "minor miracle" and is no longer a design feature of computer programs.

Note that false prophet "Crin" admits to being a diviner - a practice prohibited by God:
Deuteronomy 18 (CJB)

10 There must not be found among you anyone who makes his son or daughter pass through fire, a diviner, a soothsayer, an enchanter, a sorcerer,
11 a spell-caster, a consulter of ghosts or spirits, or a necromancer.
12 For whoever does these things is detestable to Adonai, and because of these abominations Adonai your God is driving them out ahead of you.
13 You must be wholehearted with Adonai your God.


Crin (26 Nov 2009)
"God is in the smallest details"

It was 10 to 11 when when my anti-virus program took my computer offline and my Dove post went down. According to our Blackmon Dove it is only a few days to 12-12-12. Ah, the computer asked if I would like to restore my email session, I clicked yes and it appeared just as I had left it. A minor miracle or technical coincidence? Nah I don't believe in coincidences. Could we? might we? be gone as early as 11-11-09, our calendar time? There is little time to share the Good News. Time to study the Word and pray so our swords are sharp and our reasons for our Blessed hope are clear for the harvest.

I can't think of a better vehicle for divining the AC than a pyramid and the lotto (in Illinois no less). That info definitely dovetails into much of what is going on in the world and in the Scriptures. That eye of Ra capstone over the pyramid on the devils dollar may be going away. Wonder what sinister image will be on the new commodity cash vehicle. Might be that hazmat sign from that microchip thing representing a ton of troy ounces of silver sixes or gold bull(ion) taxes plus the reborn Roman insignias, (but they were on the old dollar too). Nothing new under the sun really. Sa hatan is not really creative just crafty.

There is more to it than this. I submit a possible dovetail scenario which meshes some other pieces of the puzzle. People are getting more and more disenchanted with BO. He is the mouthpeice for the AC now but after he is wounded, another will inherit his image. The old snake in the Garden himself. (Maybe he is bidin(g) his time, skipping out on pelosi, while in possesion of ole 9/10ths of the law aka Thunder god with us.)

I have read tale after tale regarding sorcery and witchcraft coming out of Britain. Camelot is not a Christian story, it is a druidic story of kings coming into power through preferrably innocent blood sacrifice (heraldic tales presaging the new blood heroes, wicans and vampyres). Di of Wales wrote some memoirs that express some of her thoughts? that she would have to die for her (prince Will almost looks like a clone of his mother with a male-y chromosome from where? neither he nor Harry look like Charles) Will i am to come into power. These are satin covered (satanic) rituals. I don't know how far those rituals have gone back but there are stories illuminating Charles involvement going back a fair amount of time (the power of Camilla over him is eerily like a potion).

BO is an attractive person to some folks but he is not universally attractive to the European Union. Up and coming Will is magnetic for the vast majority of youth in many countries. If he supports BO when he becomes evil incarnate, perhaps actually participating in the rituals that re-animate the carcase of the beast, then he would be golden. The rituals would of course be cleaned up in terms of perhaps some evolution, biochemical or alien? mechanism but it is still the same type of evil rituals that were going on before the flood. Things would look miraculous but they are through the power of demons (a corruption of created things).

BO now bows to the kings of other nations but he will not bow when he becomes the evil one. His wife will become a widow? (recycle that black with red hour glass dress for the funeral? renewing of vows?) and the change in BO will become more and more sinister and smooth. The evil one is pulling the strings now but he will inhabit the image and then he will be for a time unstoppable. BO may leave this country but he will head for dominion over higher courts. Perhaps Palin will take his place but not for long. She will leave with us before this completely pans out.

BO would go to solidify his kingdom maybe first in Indonesia then in Iraq/Iran/Afganistan (Assyria/Babylon). Rahm's thugs would perhaps come back to fill in for absent government then he could easily hold sway over Israel with BO controlling the muslim world (Chicago could be the replacement for the deceased D.C. and the nixed NYC). BO would be the last iman, the Islamic messiah. Will would pull in the Euro youth especially with the Saints out of the way. There is even a Catholic tie to Will i am concerning pulling together all the paganized psuedochurches under one umbrella with Vatican carbon footprint reorganization plan. These are the three factions that would share Israel, dividing Jerusalem into three portions for a time, times and half a time.

This is just a scenario in keeping with the signs in the sun and the stars and the moon. Signs that seemed to play into the weaving of the wonderful inspiring work of the Doves. I am going to submit this tonight. I will be watching some old Bible movies and eating my strict diet tomorrow in between praying and reading Scripture. I have had some family and friend invitations to go places but the temptation to eat something that would make me miserable is too much for me. Tomorrow and Friday are supposed to be nice days so I can train my favorite horse if I am careful about my health. I don't have much time to fine tune my care routine. I will hold fast, praying my thanks to our Savior for giving us some glimpses into the future train?/plane? wreck that will happen when the Doves fly. Whether these are foreshadows or very near events remains only for God to know. The sense that now is the season is trumpeting through our very beings.

Happy Thanksgiving Beloved Doves, may your holiday be warm with visions of our coming Savior comforting all of us. This could well be a foreshadow (won't even come close to the real thing) of the Wedding Feast of the Lamb we will soon or very soon share. I pray for the peace that surpasses all understanding as Jesus extends his wings of protection over all His doves in these times of testing, Blessings, Crin