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False prophet Calvin ("CW") - everything is a "sign from God"

False prophet Calvin / "CW" is out walking as the sun is coming up and the street light goes out as he was "in a direct line with it" and he calls it a "sign from God" ??? Does he not realize that street lights go out every morning as the sun is coming up??? Does he not realize he is "in direct line with it" no matter where it is in relation to him??? After posting about thisn no - "sign" he then goes and gives several false prophecies that have already failed (notice the dates are from 2000 - 2007 and the events given were "in 74 days" have already failed) Does he think the false failed prophecies are now all of a sudden true and means anything??? A voice (demon) said "I am coming for you sometime this fall in 2007 and he is claiming this is God who lied ???


C.W. (23 Nov 2009)
""LIGHTS OUT!!!" (before Christmas...around Hanukkah?)"

"LIGHTS OUT!!!" (before Christmas...around Hanukkah?)


Because I believe things are about to get VERY interesting, I'm going to TRY to NOT interfere TOO MUCH with "how" the Holy Spirit might want to use the following.

Only about 2 days ago while taking my walk as the sun was coming up, I passed a street light and it went OUT just as my feet were in direct line with it. I felt it might be a SIGN.

Virginia has placed MANY good reasons for a rapture during (or nearing) Hanukkah into her post (below). One of the MOST interesting aspects of her post is the "74" days she was given. This is from her recent post:

..."IN THE LATE SUMMER OF 2007 while sleeping I heard the WORDS '74


...Shortly after that He showed me that the original 74 days is a count from

....Yom Kippur (the day after) to HANUKKAH..the 9th month, the 24th day

...(Dec. 11th) and it is the same count each year."

Virginia mentions the timing of Peg Fenn's Yahnunah dream. Let me just say that Virginia FIRST wrote about this in 2007 and I STILL have the original letter / post which I sent to my good E-friends, Peg, Jeanne, and Anne.

To me, and considering the MAJOR, MAJOR SIGNS OF LATE (the Utah Meteor which I've written about and many more), I believe LIGHTS ARE ABOUT TO GO OUT IN THE EARTH!!!!! The VERY LAST part of this post lends itself to this as well!!!!!!!!!!!!

May the Lord use this as He wishes. I have just kept these letters as original (but corrected some spelling). There are a couple of different letters from Peg Fenn describing her Yahnunah Dream. Peg's Yahnunah Dream was exactly "6" ( 6 = Satan's influence; Weakness of man;

Manifestation of sin) years prior to this year's Hanukkah. This is ANOTHER reason that "LIGHTS MAY BE ABOUT TO GO OUT!!!!!!!"

BLESSINGS TO ALL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Virginia's recent post:


"And at MIDNIGHT there was a cry made, 'BEHOLD THE BRIDEGROOM COMETH; GO OUT AND MEET HIM' Matt.25:6 1 THESS. 4:16-17



Here is Peg Fenn's "Yahnunah" dream (my reply is in the URL / post from June, 2004):

"Peg Fenn's "Yahnunah" dream / A stream of 11/11's"

Last year, 12/13/03 to be was right before the Mel Gibson movie "The Passion of the Christ" was released. As a matter of fact,

I was not even aware at the time that the movie was even in production.

Anyway, here is the dream......

I was in a huge parking lot at a mall. I happened to look up and saw a huge billboard. A message was written upon it in bright white lights. (I made note of the fact that this was 7 days before the beginning of Chanukah ,"The Festival of Lights".) The message read "Yahnunah is coming!" Beneath it in red20lettering it said WATCH....3 AM to 10AM...

Then I woke up.

I posted this on Clouds of Glory and also mentioned that I did not know what "Yahnunah " meant. The moderator IM'd me and said that she remembered a lady intercessor in her church (in Australia) many years ago when she was a young girl who prayed out loud and always started her prayer with that word. She said she would try to contact her at the nursing home where she now lived. Shortly afterward she wrote me and said the lady told her it meant "I AM" . The message now meant:

"'I AM' is coming!"

Shortly after that dream the movie "The Passion of the Christ" was released and the first place it played was a nearby local mall in one of our larger cities.

Interestingly...I didn`t realize this was the same mall until Iwent to see the movie. The only other thing which I feel was important ...In one scene from the movie...when the Roman soldiers came for Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane` they asked Jesus if He was Jesus and He replied (soundedlike) "Yahnunah" which the caption beneath said "I AM.". What is puzzlingto me is what does the Watch ..3AM to 10AM mean?.


(From 2007 letters)

Peg Fenn's Yahnunah Dream:

**My Yahnunnah Dream was on Dec. 13/14 of 2003. In it the billboard said I AM is coming. Watch 3AM to 10AM. ( or is it 10AM to 3AM? ) I know that Hanukkah was only 7 days away in that dream.

My dream of the greenhouse in heaven that my husband built for me was in the year 2000. 7 years after his death.

That dream: Walking up a very steep hill. The sky is very blue . . no sun but it is very bright. As I reached the top of the hill. .There is a brick fronted greenhouse. Its small panes are steamed up and as I approached to look inside. I could see rows and rows of reds, whites and yellows. All Christmas plants whose leaves were a beautiful shiny waxy green. I could see Poinsettias in all colors, Christmas cactuses, roses, lilies and begonias, amaryllis and hyacinths. The steam was
coming from an overhead steamer in the nursery spraying the plants with a steady stream and helping to keep them fresh. The small droplets on these windows and on the plants were all covered in rainbow colors. A Christmas greenhouse!! As I walked around to the side of it (I remember my husband saying before he died that he would build me one but never did.)
There was a door and I realized that this really was a house with an attached greenhouse. The door opened and my husband was standing there smiling. He was very young, looked to be around 33 or 34 and said . . This is the greenhouse and house I promised you.

Another dream confirming the Festival of Lights?
Blessings, Peg


Peg, Jeanne, and Anne:

This was just posted on Rapture Now. She (Virginia) mentioned the Festival of Lights. I know that ya'll have ALWAYS looked at this. I was "HOPING" that it was soon and yet may be. SO MANY SIGNS FOR NOW!!! Especially this below from Neil Lipken.

Neil Lipken (3 Oct 2007)

Anyway, we'll see!!!


74 DAYS FROM 10/3/07 2:10 AM

Last night while sleeping I had a was had to do with the Rapture..I really cannot describe the dream. While in this dream I heard the words "74 DAYS". IT WAS NOT LOUD, IT WAS LIKE WHEN I HEARD ON THE 2ND OF SEPTEMEBER ABOUT THE SAME TIME "I WILL COME FOR YOU SOMETIME THIS FALL".

When I heard the words "74 days" I woke up and got my calendar and counted out 74 days from the 3rd of October at 2:10 AM and I came up with DECEMBER 16TH, 2:10 AM. I am not sure what this TIMELINE COULD MEAN, but since I was having dreams of a rapture my thoughts were perhaps the Lord was giving a date of Dec. 16th sometime after midnight for the rapture. This would still fall into fall and would give the Lord more time for souls to come into His Kingdom.THIS FALLS ON A SUNDAY morning.

I am not saying this TIMELINE is a sure thing..It is however strange that I should be given this TIMELINE since a month prior He gave me the Season which is Fall, a month later perhaps the date and the month or thereabouts.

In June He gave me a 30 day warning and it was fulfilled right to the hour almost. He told me later He would be giving me more of these warnings so I could tell others.

I would like to add a thought to this message. A couple of years ago someone I believe on five doves reported a dream that when they were raptured it was like Christmas time..there were Poinsettias placed in a glassed solarium attached to her home in heaven and she saw other things that made it look like it was Christmas. This also would fit in with the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS which ends on December 12th taking us to RESURRECTION SUNDAY..THE THIRD DAY on the 16th.

I know this date is sometime off, but the LORD SAID "HE WOULD COME AT A TIME WHEN YOU THINK NOT". That time would certainly fit that verse and we would be spending Christmas celebrating it with our Lord and all our sisters and brothers in the Lord. It would make a great time for a WEDDING!!!

This timeline was not something I expected nor did I ask for, except like most of us we ASK, WHEN ARE YOU COMING LORD"? TIME WILL TELL...



NOTE from Calvin:

The Poinsettia is called "the Christmas plant" in this article:


(Peg Fenn wrote back on 10/4/07)

Calvin, Jeanne and Anne. .

We just might be going home this Hanukkah anytime from 12/4 thru 12/12. Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit during this 8 day Festival. .

I just read somewhere that 444 means a door either opening or one closing.

4+4+4 =12 and another 4 for the first day of Hanukkah and it turns out that 12/4 this year is the first day of Hanukkah

In my dream
back in 2003 on Dec13/14th I saw a large brightly lit billboard in white lights and the message "YAHUNNAH is coming" and beneath it in red lights "WATCH 3AM to 10AM!!" The 13/14th of December that year was 7 days from Hanukkah. I am just noticing as I am typing this; " Yahunnah" and "Hanukkah" both have 8 letters! New beginning!!

I posted this dream on Clouds of Glory, a forum that no longer exists, and wondered what Yahunnah meant. The moderator, , I believe, remembered hearing that word when one of the ladies in her church in Australia always said it in her prayers. She offered to find out from that lady, then in a nursing home, what it meant. The lady said it means I AM. . . . . . !!!

Back in the year 2000, also in the month of December I had the dream about a beautiful house on the crest of a hill and a day that had no sun only the light from the SON of God ,that lit up the atmosphere and was heavenly.

This house had the most beautiful greenhouse built into the front of it. There were 3 windows all attached. . with 4 panes of glass 4 across and 4 down, like in a old fashioned store front at Christmastime. . .

As I looked in the windows I was delighted to see a fantasy land of Christmas plants of every color and description with shiny green lush foliage, all due to a conveyor belt in the top of the greenhouse misting each plant as it slowly went back and forth. Every tiny droplet covered each plant and each window pane with a maze of iridescent colors..

Poinsettias in pink, white and red , Kalanchoes in shades of orange, yellow, pink and all pure waxy white, Christmas cacti, covered with these tiny iridescent droplets . . . .roses, carnations , etc. . .

Beautiful beyond imagination!

Then the entry door next to the showcase window , opened and my deceased husband stood there , ,looking to be in his early thirties, and smiling, telling me this was the house he had built for me. . . . ( I had always wanted a greenhouse ,but he had never gotten around to build me one before he died),

Yes, I wish it were tomorrow that we would be going home but the Festival of Lights will be the time of the Dedication of the Temple. We ARE the temples made without human hands and we are the Temples of Light in which the Holy Spirit resides, We will be going home when the Holy Spirit lifts us up . . . . We are to be dedicated on the 8th day December 12th. which is 444!!!

Blessings, Peg

" Whom the Son sets free; is free indeed." John 8:36



I did NOT know about that dream!!! For some reason, I "believed"

that post by Virginia:

74 DAYS FROM 10/3/07 2:10 AM

Even though I was excited about the "possibility" of a "NOW" rapture, once I read it, I just resigned myself that it was true and I would have to wait. I thought about you having said before that the Festival of Lights would be a good time for the rapture. Also, Jeanne and Anne have been BIG on this, as well. Do you remember my sharing about the "light bulbs" blowing out this week. Then, the next morning, it was like the Lord "explained" it to me. Here it is again:

I believe that there "IS" a message in the light bulbs "blowing out"! To me, it was a sign that the world is about to go into a DARK TUNNEL, as one enters the side of a mountain on a coal car or like one of those "tunnel" rides at a carnival. And, because people have NOT turned to God's Word and prophecy, but have been led away by "politics", thinking that will deliver them and that, SURELY, this nation has the answers...then...

Amos 8:

10 I will turn your religious feasts into mourning and all your singing into weeping. I will make all of you wear sackcloth and shave your heads. I will make that time like mourning for an only son
and the end of it like a bitter day.

11 "The days are coming," declares the Sovereign LORD, "when I will send a famine through the land— not a famine of food or a thirst for water, but a famine of hearing the words of the LORD.

12 Men will stagger from sea to sea and wander from north to east, searching for the word of the LORD, but they will not find it.

Jeremiah 2

13 "My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.

The Bible says

Psalm 119

105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

Should the rapture happen in December, this will be "near" the Festival of Lights. A "light" will go out because men will be "searching" for the Word and NOT finding a FAMINE!!!