Thursday, November 12, 2009

False prophet Ron Reese needs to "prepare peoples hearts" for what his demon "god" is going to reveal to him

Why would God need to have false prophet Ron Reese "prepare peoples hearts" for what He reveals??? Can't God prepare peoples hearts Himself to accept the truth and discern the LIES of the false prophets ??? Why is it a requirement for people to believe false prophet Ron Reese's lies that "the last seven years have already started" before they can believe anything else God reveals??? It is obvious Ron Reese's "god" is a demonic impersonator.

It appears that false prophet Ron Reese is now claiming the "last seven years" (that "already started") come before the tribulation??? How can the "LAST seven years" come before the tribulation??? If they come before the tribulation, then they could not be LAST seven years!!! Yet so many others on the five demons (doves) web site believe his lies without even questioning anything he says.

False prophet Ron Reese's spewings is so obviously demonic, twists scripture, and is so unbiblical that it cannot be accepted by those who are truly following Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) and obeying God.

I have not posted most of false prophet Ron Reese' demonic drivel. Most of it is suckering the gullible into following his obvious lies and smooth talk from his demons. This post I am just quoting the parts I address.

Messiah Yeshua WILL be returning again very soon for His TRUE believers. There will be those who expect to be raptured but they will be left behind. Many who claim to be following Messiah Yeshua , He will tell them to 'go away, I never knew you' (see a previous post: ) and that, sadly, includes false prophet Ron Reese and most (if not all) who are allowed to post on the five demons (doves) web site (it is highly moderated and your letter will not be posted if you speak against the false prophets or their false prophecies)


Ron Reese (12 Nov 2009)

I am in the process of preparing many hearts for receiving something VERY BIG from the Lord. I believe He has very recently shown me some things concerning the TIMING OF THE RAPTURE, STRAIGHT FROM THE WORD.
In order to receive what I believe the Lord is showing me, one must be convinced that the Final Seven Years have started (I have been accused by many of saying that we are in the Tribulation, but I have NEVER said that).