Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fairy tale for your entertainment

All one needs to do to get an email posted on the five demons (doves) web site is to make sure it is illogical and not at all biblical. If your email address is known (and therefore your letters never posted because you send biblically accurate information) you can make up a name and email or get a friend to email the fairy tales for you. Here is one such made up fairy tale example emailed by "David Whelan" to the five demons site:


David Whelan (21 Nov 2009)
"He is TRULY at the DOOR!!!!! :)"


Thanks for all of your input...thoughts...time...all the goodness of your hearts. I have not really introduced myself. My name is David. I've only put up a couple of letters...I've mostly just been in watch, observe, pray, contemplate, and hold the tongue mode. Up until now that is. Hopefully this will be my last letter :) Haha

I have pulled a lot of data from many of you...Joseph and Ron and BG - just to name a few...I've probably read almost every letter over the last few my own attempt to connect the dots.

We have a HUGE responsibility, don't we? We're kind of damned if we do and damned if we don't right now.

Because everybody's full of yeast and "asleep", whatever we say about His return to the unsaved and even the sleeping saved is not well received...and every time we're "wrong" about a date or whatever, we lose what little credibility we have in these sleepylazy days. So it's important that our delivery of the "He's coming soon" message be well thought out and timed accordingly. Right? Yet if we hold back and say nothing, then we're really pretty big poopheads.

Of course I know that there are MANY good reasons He keeps His return a secret, I'm convinced Jesus knows EXACTLY when He's going to open the door...because He's the one opening the seals at this point. Maybe at the time of his gospel being delivered He did not...but He must know now. I also know that the Spirit of Truth is speaking louder and louder with every passing least to me He is.

At any rate, I've been seeing 11:11 since August '08, was convinced BO was the AC in October '08, and have REALLY been sensing His imminent return since this August. I was disappointed on Rosh Hashanah...and Yom Kippur...and Feast of Tabernacles...but with each "Non return" date, my spirit grew more and more.

Here are what seem to me to be some final dots being connected:

Ever heard of Arch Bishop Ussher? He was a Hebrew Scholar who dated creation at 4004 BC (not 4001). Thus by his account…it’s 2012 now – not 2009. The error was made in the Julian calendar. So…the Mayans are probably laughing at us at this point.

Thus, the Dec 21 2012 “mayan end” is really this Dec 21st. Subtract 40 days from there and you arrive at November 11th. Why 40 days? Because of the “as in the days of noah…and noah went into the ark and in 40 days, the whole place was flooded.

So…does December 21st mean anything else? Um..yes. It’s believed that Jesus was conceived on Kislev 24…Kislev is the 9th Hebrew month…So, Kislev 24 is our December 21st. It is also believed his Bday is on Rosh Hashanah…Which is the month of Tishrei…Our September.

So, while many were expecting for Him to possibly return on his birthday, it is feasible He could return on his CONCEPTION day.

Now…on November 28th, it will be Kislev 11 (Not sure if this means anything yet)…The Hebrew writing would be 9:11
Tomorrow the senate could pass what I really feel is the "deathcare bill". Under the senate version of the bill, our nation will be funding abortions…the killing of children deemed to be born at CONCEPTION. It will also have provisions for chipping people with the positive ID chip (at least the house version did). Tomorrow is 11-21…7 days prior to Hebrew 9-11.
Note that the newly formed Verichip / Steel Vault merger began trading under the new ticker symbol PSID on November 11th. Also note that the Steel Vault addition to Verichip not only allows for medical data…but for financial data to be stored on it…thus “No man may buy or sell” is a possibility very soon. They call it the TRIAGE (hmmm…like trinity?)

One other interesting thing to note…on November 11th, Brazil’s power went out. I took that as a warning.

I have also noted postings here that could suggest December 10th 12th as a possible “return date”…which is apx 21 days from November 21st (The Daniel 10:21 delay?)

Since 11 is the number of judgement, I feel like this is what He is saying (to our leaders)...

"A year ago when you hijacked their country and their consitution and you stole their money , I gave a warning. But now that you are stealing their health and the lives of MY unborn children, you will be judged...Game over."

I woke up on 11-11 and He had me pray Psalms 109 out loud. Then He had me pray Psalms 83 out loud. I did this 3 times throughout the day. And then I prayed that NOBODY I knew and loved would be a part of what I just prayed.

So, in putting all of these data points together, here’s what I’m preparing for:

TODAY...I’m going to the store to stock up on 2 more weeks (I already have a weeks worth) worth of food, water, candles, propane and all that good stuff in the event that He is delayed after the midnight cry (Mat 25) of something potentially happening somewhere between 11-21 and 11-28 (maybe even later). This could be anything from an attack against the power grid (Brazilish) to a solar flare. I do sense though that there could be a 7 to 21 day period of “lights out”.

He is even at the door folks!

In Him…and lots of love to ya’ll,