Friday, November 6, 2009

False Prophet Frank R. Molver spreads new age lies about the swine flu vaccination

False prophet Frank R. Molver claims to be a nurse in Washington State and yet continually posts ignorant information (propaganda) about the swine influenza and the vaccination.

According to the CDC, the regular seasonal flu kills 30,000 - 60,000 people a year. Most of these are otherwise healthy people. So far the swine flu has mostly killed those with underlying health conditions (at least in the united states) and death rate is MUCH lower than with the regular seasonal flu.

False prophet Frank R Molver claims people need to be vaccinated in case "it might mutate into a more severe form" and yet ANYONE with even a small amount of knowledge about vaccines knows if the virus mutates, the vaccine will not protect against it (this is the same as with the regular seasonal flu vaccine) because the vaccine only is affective against the non-mutated strain (and closely related strains) it is made for.

The preservatives in vaccines contain mercury (thimerosal) and/or aluminum - both are linked to many health problems including parkinsons disease, alzheimers, and other disorders.

The swine flu vaccine there is a pretty good chance of contacting Guillain-Barre syndrome as what happened in the 1976 swine flu vaccine.

People with type A blood have high natural immunity against influenza viruses (although are more susceptible to other health problems than other blood types)


Frank R Molver (6 Nov 2009) "Flu controversy and shot decision"
The more you read the internet the wilder the speculation re controversial issuesYour chance of getting severely ill from the swine flu is a thousand times greater then getting severely ill from the shot.All this stuff about a conspiracy to wipe out the earth comes from paranoid people who create conspiracies on the internet.

Most people here have probably had the flu and the flu shot was basically created for the people with poor immune systems.

The problem with this flu is that they think it might mutate into a more severe form.

So this is preventative measure.
If it does not mutate, cool.
If it does mutate some of you will become severely ill, much worse than any flu you have ever received.
If you are single and not around a lot of people don't worry.
If you are around a lot of people and folks depend on you then, you better think about getting it if you can.'