Saturday, November 7, 2009

Proof the five demons owner John Tng is a satanist and has no discernment

Make up any strange dream and the five demons (doves) owner John Tng will post it - no questions asked. Try to get him to post something about false prophets directly from the bible and he will never post it.

Here is yet another example of a wacky made up dream being posted on the pretend "christian" five demons (doves) web site. This is nothing but a wacky made up fiction story to see if it would be posted - and it was (send something saying you dreamed president bush as antichrist and I doubt it will be posted --- you need to only "dream" something that agrees with John Tng's satanic agenda) :

--------------------------------------------------- (I won't post all of it - read it for your own amusement and realize it is fiction)

Dear Doves, Thank you for the opportunity to share this dream with you and for taking the time to read it. I had the strangest dream last night, I dreamt of the rapture. I dreamt I heard the trumpets sounding from afar, and in my spirit, literally I knew it was my spirit it was from withinthe center of me, I cried out to the Lord,"Here I am, I am coming," and I felt my spirit try to go through my body but it was pushed back in by some force literally I felt it beingpushed back in. (Truly our bodies are but shells) I was then in my dream in a place called the Beautiful Land. It was very much like Yellowstone National Forest, but most of it was being burned up and fire fighters were trying toput out the fire but they knew (maybe even intended) to set the rest of the forest area on fire as well and told me to enjoy the beauty of the forest while I still could for the restwould soon be gone.

From there I was in a large enterprise building I found myself in the foyer walking up a flight of stairs when a group of teenagers on a field trip were coming down raving aboutthe current President Barack Obama. I began to tell them that they should not listen to this man's words for he was the Antichrist and that he would destroy this country and themif they continued to listen. Most of the teenagers thought me foolish and rejected my words but a few listened.

(it goes on)