Thursday, November 26, 2009

False prophet "FJ" - sees 11, says it is a "sign from God"

"FJ" claims the prize for getting garbage posted on the five demons ("doves") web site.
If you want your fairy tales posted, Make sure it has lots of "11" sightings and emotionalism. As long as it isn't scripture based, satanist John Tng (owner of the five demons site) will post it. "FJ" is proof of that.

Just where in the bible does it say that seeing "11" is a sign from God ??? Where does the bible say there will be a "seven year warning" ??? When there was 7 years of proseprity and seven years of famine in Genesis, God told Joseph that it was going to happen - it just did not happen and people then claim it was a "sign from God".


FJ (25 Nov 2009)
"11:11 & Tribulation - Another theory!"

Could it be:

That 9/11 was a 7 year warning to the commencement of the last hour?
A biblical last hour would represent 40/12 giving 3.3333333 years

If 9/11 was a 7 year warning then tribulation must have commenced in 2008.

If the tribulation did start in 2008 we know that the first 3.5 years are relatively okay compared to the final 3.5 years. So if we're in the last biblical hour, it will be over between 2008 and 3.5 years on from that.

Sudden destruction will have to be at or just before the mid-point. But the rapture will take us out of harms way at or before the sudden destruction.

So if the 11's represent the final hour then sure enough we can assume we're in the first part of the trib. Rapture is at any moment and we must be in a state of constant readiness.

It is strange that the Mayan Calendar ends at 11:11am on 21/12/2009 a date whose digits also add to 11. This date is 11 years on from 9/11.

I am seeing 11's everywhere now. Too spooky to mention. But folks be ready!



FJ (25 Nov 2009)
"111 Confirmation Today"

I was reading my list of RSS news articles this morning. When I reached the final article at the bottom of the page it was titled: New York Rally to Protest 9/11 Trial.

Just below that was the total count of articles standing at 111.

My RSS feed comprises of many news feeds and not just one. But for the count to add 111 and the final article on 9/11 is another sign to me.

This is now happening daily, several times per day.

Is God trying to tell me that 9/11 was indeed a marker. Was it our 7 year warning? If so we're already a year into tribulation. Has the Anti-Christ been revealed? Did this happen when Obama was revealed to the world, the famous speech aired for 7 days? Are all these things happening right under our noses?

I attempted a 40 day fast the other day but medical complications forced me to break it - guess what folks - it was after completing 11 days and during the 11th hour!! I don't mean to create hysteria but I more spooked then anyone else. If I didn't think this was from God I would be so scared.

If all this is true, rapture is within next couple of years and can be anytime folks. Be Ready!