Saturday, December 26, 2009

confirmed false prophet: John S. Lawler Sr.

As I previously posted, the x-mass day prophecy of "a disaster that will shake the nation to its core" has failed. Of course, false prophet John S. lawler Sr. will never repent - watch him claim the airline bombing that was averted was "God's mercy" and the judgment that would have happened except 'our prayer changed God's mind about the judgment"

If this had "come from the Lord" it would not have failed and the false prophet would have KNOWN it was from God. He obviously stated this was from God and it failed - making him a confirmed false prophet. If he did not know for sure it was from God, he should never have posted it. When God tells you something, there is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT it is from God. If one does not know if something is from God or not, then they have obviously never heard from God because when He gives you a prophecy, you KNOW it is from Him and you KNOW it is true.

God did not speak to this false prophet yet somone (something) told him this - obviously this false prophet is listening to lying spirits. Since x-mass day was so important to this demon, it seems likely it is from ba-al / ra / tammuz / mithra - the sun "god" who is celebrated on x-mass day.

“I am bringing a disaster upon this land on Christmas day that will shake this nation to its very foundation”. He told me the same thing on 10-21-09 and so that is why I am posting this today at this time. I really believe this came from the Lord