Wednesday, December 2, 2009

False prophet "Bjr" Ignores history to support his false prophecies

False prophet "Bjr" claims there was never a covenant for the antichrist to confirm until the eu recently wrote up a plan to divide Jerusalem. For one thing, a plan is not a covenant 0- it is a draft that has no agreement to it.

The oslo accords was a covenant that may soon be ressurected (by it's author ?) making it stronger. oslo s a covenant between the palestinians and Israel. The author of it meets all descriptions of the antichrist in scripture as well as being a noted peace maker and the president of the club of rome (the only forseeable way for someone known as "the assyrian" to also be a prince of the roman empire) Of course this is jordanian prince el hassan bin talal


Bjr (2 Dec 2009)
"the antichrist now has a "covenant" to confirm"


Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week....
To confirm (to make strong or strengthen) implies that something has already
been in the works. Until the EU drafted up the dividing of Jerusalem , an
antichrist had nothing to confirm.
So a possible scenario: 1- "Peace and
security" has been uttered again and again. 2- Then sudden
destruction/rapture(soon). The sudden destruction will probably have something
to do with the Israel/Palestine problem. 3- After the world has just witnessed
the bride of Christ taken up to the clouds, the world will come together in
peace. 4- Antichrist takes the EU draft and confirms it with the two sides.
Dividing the temple just as Ezekiel described. Although antichrist divides
Jerusalem, he allows the building of their third temple. Dividing the temple
mount just as Ezekiel described. Israel thinks antichrist is their messiah
because he had them build their third temple, not to mention they are expecting
their messiah
any time now. So the bride could be gone soon, maybe this spring(pentecost).
When the dust settles, the confirming of the covenant could be in fall of 2010
at the Jewish new year to fit the 70Th week of Daniel. Just a speculation,
we'll see!