Wednesday, December 2, 2009

False prophet Mary Adams worships idols, hopes others will "adore them"

God made it clear we are to not have idols or use idols to worship Him - so why do so many so-called "christians" use idols of tammuz during x-mas celebrations (x stands for tammuz (AKA ba-al) - his birthday is on december 25th and uses a log in a fire followed by a decorated tree in celebration of him)

False prophet Mary Adams celebrates tammuz' birthday by using idols. She also hopes people will stop and "adore" (worship) her idols.


Mary Adams (30 Nov 2009)

Anticipating Christmas, this last October I purchased a nativity scene to set up at the end of my driveway. Mary and Joseph, the manager, and a simple star. I wanted to add the shepherds and the wise men, but they cost extra, so I didn't include them. Just a simple little crèche, surround by some hay bales my farmer- friend Shane brought me to keep the wind from toppling it all over. It will also have some music playing carols. My hope is that someone will come by simply to adore Him, or some child might be curious enough to ask their parents about the baby in a manger and that their parents will know what it represents.

Will some object? I am sure there are those who will. I've read where some have urinated on His picture--- for sure many will use His name in vain and blaspheme it. That it is so offensive to some that they are willing to do away with the word "Christ" altogether and just revel in tensile and sleigh bells. But I will take comfort in this: I know for sure there will be lots of animals and birds that will be coming to my little scene!

The Bible says, "let everyone that hath breath praise Him!" I will watch in glee to see the moose arrive and the redpolls visit the birdfeeders I will have around---but not just for the goodies I will leave for them to eat, but because I am reminded of an incident I had in India several years ago when I was visiting Rameswaram, a large city at the tip of that continent. They were having a huge Hindu festival while we were there, but we had gone ahead and had a little service on the beach with some Christians. However, the loud noise and reveling was overpowering us, so we left and drove back to where was an Indian Government guest house. It had no air conditioning, no television, nothing but two beds. My travel companion, a Chinese lady named Melanie and I put our bags down, and suddenly the lights went out. We were right on the beach facing south, nothing between where we were and Antarctica. Completely in the dark, we decided to sit out on a little veranda and look up to find the Southern Cross. It was a very beautiful sight. Then we got out the praise tape "God With Us" and were absolutely enthralled, it was all so awesome a moment.

Suddenly, a pack of dogs arrived and all of them sat down just below the ledge where we sat. They acted as if they were enjoying it too. I said to Melanie, "Look at that! Those dogs are Hindu dogs...they never hear music like this! I think they are actually enjoying the worship! Let's turn it off and see what happens." She did, and the dogs got up and left! Then we turned it back on, and they came again, lying down below us. We tried it once more...and every time we did, the dogs would get up and leave when the praise music ended, and return when it began again. Even the dogs were attracted and drawn to the worship of the Lord that night!

Another time an Indian preacher told me what happened to him. Before He found Christ, he used to argue and be mad when his Christian wife tried to convert him. But being a devout Hindu, he insisted on worshipping his Hindu gods. One day there was a festival and he got out his idol and cleaned it and put it outside his door to dry off. His little son was standing nearby, and they were both looking at the idol. Suddenly, a dog walked by, lifted its leg, and urinated on the idol. Infuritated, he cursed and swore at the dog. His litte son said, "Daddy, the idol had no eyes to see the dog coming, nor hear it approaching, and could not tell the dog to go away." "I was so mad, I threw myself on the floor and exclaimed; "If you, Jesus, are the only god, then come to me now or I will go and throw myself on the railroad tracks and end my life!" "All of a sudden, I lost consciousness and had a vision of the Lord. He came and manifested himself to me as the only true God."

Ten thousand debates may not bring men to their knees...but He can. And for sure, one day everyone will,

And soon...