Wednesday, December 2, 2009

False prophet Rowina (Mariel) praises false prophet Dawn Dominick's - 'letter from a demon named "jesus" '

Yesterday false prophet Dawn Dominick posted a letter she claims is from Jesus when it is actuallt by a demonic impersonator that calls itself "jesus" to deceive. I posted about it here:

Today false prophet "rowina" (Mariel) is praising the demonic letter and also claims it is "not wrong to celebrate his birth any day" even though God calls mixture of paganism with worship of Him an ABOMINATION and alost wiped out Ancient Israel several times because of it(scripture given in response to the original letter by Dawn Dominick)

If God wanted us to celebrate Messiah Yeshua's birthday, He would have given us the date and told us how to celebrate it. It is clear from scripture He is not pleased when people take pagan festivals and call it worship of Him.


Rowina (2 Dec 2009)
"Dawn's Letter from Jesus is super"

Yes it does sound like a message straight from the Lord, about how we should celebrate Christmas.

And I agree with the Lord (lol). It is not wrong to celebrate His birth ANY day! Just so long as our celebration includes love and caring for the lost, the hungry, the widow, the orphan, and all of the poor whom He said were blessed.

And a nice word to the store clerks when you buy your presents is a top-notch Jesus-inspired idea. Spread the love even in small ways!

I gave small donations to three charities who feed the poor at Christmas, as Jesus advised in His letter. Even those these donations are small, they will add up if others do the same!

Thank you for your letter, Jesus! Don't stay away!