Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The crazy, wacky world of false prophet Gina McCray

Now false prophet Gina McCray is claiming she can manipulate the numbers to make it actually the year 2012 right now (it's still 2009) trying to make the mayan so-called prophecies of our year 2012 fit for 2009. Unfortunately for her, there is still three years left on the mayan calendar regardless of what year our calendar says it is. The mayan calendar originated "within a day or two of 13 August, 3114 BC." ( ) and has absolutely nothing to do with the year 2012 - it just happens to translate to that date on our current calendar.

Once again, this proves the false prophets will twist and trample the facts to make them say what they want them to say.


Gina McCray (9 Dec 2009)
"Physical proof that we are in 2012!!!"


This new evidence on the Shroud of Turn not only give us physical proof of the Resurrection of our Lord but it also give us incredible information regarding where we really are on the timeline. I believe God has revealed this in the lateness of the hour.

I researched the year if the Tiberius's reign was and the general consensus is 30AD. Since Jesus was 33 at His Death then that would show that our calendar is off by 3

I am no mathematician but this sounds correct to me! Therefore, we are not in 2009 but 2012 as I have seen surmised by some but for other rationales.

I would love some input from the Doves on this that I find incredible. John, I know you are a mathematical genius so you can probably verify this.

If this is true as it appears, what does this indicate??

Amazed and perplexed!