Friday, December 25, 2009

False Prophet Kevin Heckle -astrologer who claims he isn't

God forbids His people from using astrology to figure out human events. This is the definition of astrology at


1. the study that assumes and attempts to interpret the influence of the heavenly bodies on human affairs.

Yet false prophet kevin Heckle claims he is not using astrology but using "only astronomical timing)" to figure out what is going to happen - THIS *IS* ASTROLOGY whether he claims it is or not. False prophet Kevin Heckle is using divination practices God has forbidden His people to use while claiming he is not using it. Yet there is nobody at the five demons ("doves") web site that has any discernment left and sees this for the evil practices God has forbidden us to use.


Kevin Heckle (19 Dec 2009)
"Re: [Fwd: Question for KevinHeckle] ALSO Re: Ron R. 'to the minute'"

Kevin have you looked ahead into the 2060 - 2085 time period to see if the alignments that you have come up with will occur in that time period ? I have some very compelling reasons for asking.

Your work on the astrological signs of times is well done and very interesting.


To answer your question on the 'same alignment' between 2060 -2085. First, let me explain the criteria by which I had searched. The virtual telescope that I had used, like most, is in UTC time. I set it at 00:00:00 UTC which would be the night time on the east coast in America (8PM) the preceeding day as UTC is ahead of EST. That having been said, the moon advances much quicker through its orbit than the sun does through its ecliptic, (30 days vs. year). I looked for a time when the sun had fully advanced to the left heal star of Virgo and then looked to see if the moon was 'below' meaning past (in Right Ascension) her right foot (which is the higher foot in the sky). This star is Mu Virginis at 14h 43 min 4 sec RA. For the moon to be just 'below her feet' then, it would have to be at least to 14h, 43min, 4.1 seconds. To Ron Reese. who stated that the event occurred 'to the minute' is a slight misunderstanding, although not completely. The moon would have past (below) her foot at 11:39AM on 10-29-08. However, due to the actual WIDTH of the close object which is the moon I could NOT say for sure within a margin of error EXACTLY when the COMPLETE moon passed the distant star's RA line at 14h 43min 4 sec (her foot) plus .1 second RA. Looking at 00:00:00 UTC on that day I'm pretty dogone sure though, with the moon at 14h 58min RA on on that day, it had completely past those coordinates (the star) by 8PM. That having been said, the event that did occur at 8PM that night was the moon had went below her feet AND had reached the intersecting line from the mouth of the dragon(DRACO), through the crown of stars(CORONA BOREALIS), through the mouth of the serpent (SERPENS) and to the tip of the Beast Rising from the Sea's (Hydra) tail. This was essential to framing the Biblical narrative. If there were no DEMARKATION line given in the narrative than the moon could be considered 'BELOW' Virgo's foot at least HALF of the time every month (until it comes back around again from 180 degrees of the earth). I know, TMI. Keep in mind I'm not a professional astronomer. They could tell you within fractions of a second when specific events had occurred. I am only attempting to narrow it down to a hour on the day during each year (10-29,30) the sun has 'fully clothed' Virgo. The moon's position below her feet did narrow down the time frame of the sun's days in that area. As time goes on, precession will move that date, but not in my lifetime.

To answer your simple question: there are two somewhat similar alignment events that I could find between 2060 and 2085.

The first occurs in 10-29-2065 EST, a few hours later around 10 PM but the moon is just past her right foot by a few minutes of RA and has not reached the demarkation line described. Mars is absent here (not that that has any timing signifigance as I'm not touting any sort of astrology, only astronomical timing).

The second occurs 10-29-2084, although the sun will have advanced a little further to 14h 20min RA, the moon at 14h 45min not having reached the demarkation line until 1:30AM EST on 10-30, the next day.

From your time frame of 2060-2085 in the question, I suspect you already knew these dates. ;-)

God Bless,
Kevin H.