Wednesday, February 3, 2010

satanist web sites now being promoted on five demons ("doves") web site

I really cannot believe a web site that uses a demon (griffin) as an advertising logo is being promoted on five demons ("doves") web site - and the satanist has the nerve to say the griffin was a "christian symbol" in the past. griffins are demons and were used in the babylonian mystery religions. picture of a griffin demon
Ivory carvings were widely used to decorate important pieces of furniture in
antiquity. This very fine example may have been part of a throne. Griffin-headed demons were protective deities, and would therefore have been appropriate as giving divine protection to the throne's occupant.

Why would a "christian" use a demon as a logo and then try and pass it off as a "christian symbol" ???


Carol Ann Marshall (2 Feb 2010)
"new site for job seekers"

Hi John,

I've been a long time "reader" of the Five Doves site and often recommend it to my friends. With the current unemployment situation in the U.S., many are suffering now. Six months ago, I felt led to develop a website for jobseekers. My logo is a "griffin." With the head of an eagle and the body of a lion, the griffin was an early symbol of Christianity.

I'd like to let your readers know about our website. They can go to and create their own "My Griff" page, much like a Facebook page, and include a video resume, as well as appropriate photos, links to their social/professional networking sites, etc.

We will soon be introducing the site to employers and now is the time to sign up. It is a totally free service for jobseekers and we don't bother them with advertising, etc.

Thanks, John, and God bless your work!

Carol Ann Marshall
Yes, Carol, I remember you.