Saturday, February 13, 2010

False prophet Brenda Robinson claims the "bible codes" are "from God" - even when they are wrong and justifies their inaccuracy

This one really takes the cake. False prophet Brenda Robinson is claiming the bible codes are "from God" and justifies their inaccuracy by stating "Codes are not set in stone - and dates are not always accurate because God does what He wants to with space and time."

If the codes were from God (they are not) then He would know what He was going to do in the future to the exact second and day and would have put the correct dates in any "codes" and they would be 100% accurate just as the prophecies in the Tanakh ("Old Testament") are. God gave the exact day the Second Temple will be rebuilt and the exact date Messiah Yeshua would ride into Jerusalem on a donkey hundreds of years in advance, so obviously He would put the exact dates in any "bible code" if they were from Him. God does NOT lie as false prophet Brenda Robinson claims. Since God knows all of history in advance, He did not need to encode dates if He was going to change His mind about the timing.

Doesn't ANYONE else see anything wrong with the teaching of false prophet Brenda Robinson???

If some of the codes are lies as false prophet Brenda Robinson admits, why accept any as being truth and accept them as being "from God" ??? Maybe the codes have been "dismissed by so many Christians" because they are demonic lies and some people have at least a little discernment to know if a prophecy is a partial lie then it is not from God.

Apparently false prophet Brenda Robinson has an ego problem as well - claiming the false prophets of the five demons ("doves") web site are "brilliant minds"


Brenda Robinson (12 Feb 2010)
"Randy - 70 Weeks"

Thanks Randy for your input on 70 weeks. This portion of the Word has been dissected in so many different ways. I believe your version has great merit.

I keep coming back to the BIble Codes that have been dismissed by so many Christians.

Codes are not set in stone - and dates are not always accurate because God does what He wants to with space and time.

However, there are many codes that I keep going back to:

2006 - The Beginning of the End
2012 - Extinction

Over and over and over the Codes indicate the "heat of the battle" is between these two dates. And it appears to be "heating up" that way. When I look at current events and how "the happenings" all appear to be pointing their way to Revelation, things don't seem to "fit" with so many of the explanations already given.

Your version makes a lot of sense.

May the Lord keep expanding our understanding of the times. I am so thankful to John to allow us to do so (the only place where so many brilliant minds can come together with the Holy Spirit to figure it out!)