Saturday, February 6, 2010

Narcissist false prophet Mary Anna makes up signs for the rapture

I can't believe how many narcissistic false prophets believe something that happens to them locally is a "sign of the rapture soon happening" when most other areas are not experiencing that "sign". False prophet Mary Anna is claiming the snow storm in the east coast is "a sign of His Soon Coming" --- maybe the record heat on the west coast is a "sign" the rapture is still years away??? Where in the bible does it say that snow is a sign of Messiah Yeshua's return???

News for this false prophet - the west coast is having record highs, it is summer in the southern hemisphere, and it's 55F in Jerusalem, Israel

Los Angeles, CA: 58F
San Francisco, CA : 58F
Portland, OR : 58F
Seattle, WA: 54F
Vancouver, BC: 53F
Honolulu, HI: 73F
Nuka'Alofa Tonga: 81F


Mary Anna (6 Feb 2010)
"Happy Day..."

Colleen, daughter in Maryland called that it's snowing again! Va. son Karl emailed that 'the weatherman seems determined to get us more snow'. To think of the many, many winters there has been no snow in Va., can this not be a sign of His Soon Coming? This is not global warming! Colleen said, 'I'm never going to pray for snow again'! Weatherman said it could get up to 2 ft. deep in Md. If that happens it IS rare indeed.