Tuesday, February 16, 2010

False prophet Bill Salus and false prophet Gary Fisher misapply facts to their false teachings to make it appear they are prophets

I guess anything to sell books or gain a following. False prophet Bill Salus apparently has a false prophet radio program that his followers listen to. He had another false prophet on his show which claimed "Ezekiels birds are gathering in Israel" to make it appear the battle of gog-magog is near (where the birds will eat all of the carcasses) While the battle may be near, it is extremely dishonest using the birds gathering in Israel as a proof of this.

The fact that false prophet Bill Salus and his guest false prophet Gary Fisher leave out is that Israel is on the route of bird migration and over 500 MILLION birds pass through Israel EVERY spring and fall (
http://www.israbirding.com/ )
Israel is situated at an intercontinental junction- a bottleneck for migration routes. An estimated 500 million (!!) birds pass through every spring and autumn, with 530 species in record. This website features Israel's latest birding news.
Why are these false prophets using a regular event and making it appear it is a sign of bible prophecy is coming to pass??? They are trying to sensationalize events in order to sell books / tapes / etc. and gain a following.



Bill Salus (16 Feb 2010)
"EZEKIEL'S Birds Gather for Gog of Magog Meal! - Prophecy Update Radio"

Ezekiel's Birds Gather for Gog of Magog Meal!

This week on Prophecy Update Radio, host Bill Salus interviews end times expert and evangelist, Gary Fisher. Gary is the founder of Lion of Judah Ministries and has discovered some interesting insights in the book of Ezekiel. Gary recently visited Israel and says he witnessed firsthand, the gathering of the birds described in Ezekiel 39:17-20.

Ezekiel predicted 2500 years ago that Russia and Iran would lead a 9 member strong confederacy into the Holy Land to invade Israel. Iran has just become a "nuclear state" and Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has publicly declared his intentions to wipe Israel off of the map.

This coupled with ever strengthening Russian and Iranian national relations has eschatologists thinking this invasion will soon occur. These invaders will be divinely destroyed and the Ezekiel birds will partake in what the prophet declares will be a “sacrificial meal”.

In this timely interview, Bill and Gary sort through and properly align the prophecies described in Ezekiel’s chapters 36-39. Convincingly, they illustrate that the stage is clearly set for MIDEAST EVENTS TO ERUPT EXTREMELY SOON!

Listen Now to this insightful interview