Monday, January 25, 2010

False prophet "JH" - When the numbers don't add up, just manipulate them enough so they do

If you cannot see the manipulation, deception, and demonic lies by false prophet "JH", then you are as lost as s/he is.

Anyone who believes the garbage spewed by false prophet "JH" is from God is as willfully deceived as s/he is.

Apparently false prophet "JH" is into astrology as well as numerology - two favorite satanic practices loved by the five demons ("doves") web site owner and all their deceived readers.


JH (25 Jan 2010)

UPDATE: Know that Kislev 24 is Creation Day and Tevet 1 is the 8th Day Creation and Jesus' conception was on the 8th Day Creation since His Birth was perfect/immaculate/sinless/perfect 8, just as Creation was. The 8th Day Creation was Tevet 1 because +280 gestation is Succoth, Tish, 15, His Birth. His Conception fulfilled the 8th Feast (our Hanukkah) & was never commanded to observe.

Sat. Kislev 24 and Dec. 24 COINCIDE on the calendar in 2016 (rare). In Haggai 2 God specified the date of earth's unmatched calamity THREE times as KISLEV 24 (His probable Return when the FOOT touches down on the Mt. Olives - Zech. 14:4).

Mid trib is Tues. Av 9, 2013 when A.C. 'rises' indwelt by Satan AND is on Cancer 24 (11th mth, day 888 = 'anger' of the Lamb/i.e. Great Trib). Temple Sacrifices are stopped and A.C. sets image of self in Temple three days before on Sat, July 13.

Beginning of the 2520 is Shevat 15 (11th mth = judgmnt, 15 is balance thereof) and the END of the trib (2520 minus 23, plus 30 plus 45) is Shevat 15 as well. It is also Pisces 15 and Feb. 15 because all will be in sync. Shev 15. '10 to Shev 15, '17 is 7 perfect Jewish yrs.

At the Return earth straightens from Sat. Kis. 24 back to Kislev 1, then plus the 30 mourning is Tevet 1, Sat, the 8th Day Creation (when count began/Jesus' concep anniv), because +280 is Succoth. Tevet 1, 2016 is also Aquarius 1 ('Age of....'). The scenario is Saturdays all across the board as well.

On THIS side of the Trib, Jan 30 is 23 past Jan. 7 (the Gk Ortho Christmas) AND the actual Dec. 24 since 13 days were added to the calendar by the Pope in 1500's.
Since the earth will ultimately 'lose' these 23 days (Jan 30 back to Jan 7), then the true start of the trib can be seen as beginning Jan. 7 (which is really Dec. 24, '09).

God commanded us to KNOW the generation of the end and it is obvious that 40 years is a 'Biblical Generation' because SO MANY things happened in the Bible after 40's (or 400's, or 4000's or multiples thereof).

The count for the last and most significant FORTY began on the year ONE after the reclamation of Jerusalem in 1967.....but the COUNT actually begins at the Creation anniv date of Kislev 24 (or Dec. 24), 1968. Now add 40 yrs to arrive at Dec. 24 (Kis 24) 2008. Add your 1-yr warn/prep (Jerem. 51:46 - as per Abr, Hana, Eliz, Nebuch, Esther) to arrive at Dec. 24, 2009 which is OUR JAN 7, 2010.
Now, do the math with the plus 23 to arrive at Jan 30, 2010 which will ultimately be subtracted.

When Kislev 24/Dec. 24, 2016 is reached, subtract the 15 uncounted yrs to arrive at Kislev 24, 2001/6001, the exact start of the Milennium. I'll review that again:

7-yr trib, Satan's yrs, H.S. gone
4 yrs, the 3.5-yr ministry of Jesus, but half yrs never counted, thus 4
2 yrs, Creation + 1 yr then the Fall, then 1 year to start on year ONE
for the promised 120 Jub count (6000 yrs)
1 yr, Jesus' birth to age ONE, since mths never counted
1-yr warning, Kis 24 2008 to Kis 24, 2009

Sure looks like Sat, the 30th.......................J.H.