Tuesday, April 7, 2009

false prophet / fruitcake Mark Copfer thinks all the multi shootings are caused by digital TV signals

I can't believe all these fruitcakes. Has to be TV signals - couldn't be the economy or losing their jobs or a spiritual cause.

Most places are not using digital TV signals yet and won't be until at least june.

Mark Copfer (6 Apr 2009) "What in the world is going on ??????"
Ok, is it just me, or is all heck breaking loose all over the united states ?? 4 Cops shot dead in Oakland, 3 Cops shot dead in Pittsburgh. A gunman in New York kills 14 people at an immigration center, A father murdered his 4 girls and 1 boy and then himself in a murder/suicide in Washington state. Im starting to wonder what is really going on here.....maybe that mandatory digital tv signal that everyone is now getting, having weird effects on certain blood types ??? Things speeding up quite abit on the rampage front it seems.