Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chad Thomas, False Prophet and False Teacher

Chad Thomas, former Hockey player at Penn State. previously operated a ministry called "The Salvation Movement" and was promptly kicked out when it was discovered he was living with his girlfriend. A hasty shotgun wedding tried to patch up the ministry but it was not to be. Chad never repented of his fornication to his followers.

Now Chad is hearing audible voices and is being told events are going to happen. These events ALWAYS fail and yet he claims the voice he heard was God and he continues to make videos about his false dreams and visions and posts them on youtube on a daily basis. This is not the first time he has made false prophecies. In all of Chad's videos he appears agitated and frantic. He does not have the peace of God in him. He is not saved and only wants to escape the tribulation without having to obey Jesus.

Chad is deceived and he is deceiving others. He is a danger to the Christian community because he is a wolf who says the right words and pretends to be a Christian. Stay away from his false teachings and his false ministry. He wants fame and fortune, not salvation.  Those in his real life need to be concerned for him because he may very well be a danger to himself and others.