Thursday, December 23, 2010

Five Demons ("doves") will post any false prophecy from any false prophet - here is PROOF!

The five demons ("doves") web site is full of false prophets and false prophecies.  All of them are unrepentant when their prophecies fail and even blame God for their failure.

Here is a blatantly false prophecy that the five demons ("doves") web site owner, John Tng, has no problem posting.  It is somebody who claims God speaks to her through numbers on a clock.

Nowhere in the bible does God give someone a message that is not explained to them if it is not clear.  God has not spoken to this person.  They are just guilty of staring at a clock and claiming the numbers on the clock were a secret message given to them by God.

Anyone who believes this false prophet and their false prophecies deserves to be deceived.


Dana Babka (23 Dec 2010)
"More clock numbers from the Lord."

Hi Doves, the Lord gave me more numbers from my clock on the 21st.  So here they are , 2:/5 7   2:/5/8  2:/5/9 ,  (3:00)  (3:01) ,   3:/02  3:/03  3:/04  , (3:/05) (3:06) (3:07) (3:08) (3:09) (3:10) (3:11),      3:/1/2 ,     (3:13) (3:14) (3:15) (3:16) (3:17) (3:18) (3:19),    3:/20  3:/21  3:/22  3:/23  3:/24  3:/25  3:/26  3:/27  (3:28)  (3:29) (3:30)      3:/3/1  .  After grouping the times and prayer,counting them and going to a few web sites on biblical numbers, I believe this is what the Lord was telling me. That the resurrection of the dead in Christ, and the unity of the Church believers, will be with our loving Jesus.  The believers will be separated  and removed from the weakness of man, the World Government, Antichrist, and the Great Tribulation. The two witnesses will give testimony of Jesus to the Jews and to those who will listen, and they will be able to find salvation in Jesus Christ. At the end of the Tribulation the sin in the world will end, and complete victory will belong to the Lord.  The very first number the Lord gave to me was 2:/5 7 . Notice 25 which I believe is confirming the postings of 16th and the 20th, there is also the number 7.  I believe that something significant will take place on the 25th or before, and the Rapture is at the top of the list.  Keep looking up, praise the Lord.              Dana.