Monday, November 1, 2010

According to a five demons ("doves") false prophet, people become angels when they die

Nowhere in scripture does it state that humans become angels, let alone guardian angels, when they die.  Yet false prophets post this on the five demons ("doves") web site and not one of the other false prophets / false teachers questions it.  False prophet "Mary Anna" believes her deceased grandmother is her guardian angel.

Mary Anna (30 Oct 2010)

   Peace:  I don't know how anybody feels about this and I really don't know how I do too so I'm writing.  Yesterday I sent the wrong scripture to "Study to show yourselves approved to God....."  It was about my grandmother who loved this scripture.  The correction came to me long after I'd forgotten about it but couldn't get it off my mind so I looked again at what I'd sent and it was wrong.  I gave credit to my guardian angel for having me correct it.   I wondered if my guardian angel is someone I knew in life. 

  Grandmother was 83 when she died and looked every bit of it.  In death she looked as a beautiful young girl.  It definitely did not look like Grandma, my Dad's mother.  I told him to please take a picture of her since we won't know her in Heaven.  He didn't, saying she'll know us.  There was no resemblance in this beautiful young girl to an 83 year old.  

   OK, what's my point?  We all know we'll receive new bodies in heaven.  Is it possible, since my error in scripture was about Grandma, that she's my guardian angel?

  In life Grandma was always trying to get people saved but earlier in life, as a young widow with 2 bucks of teenage sons (one, my dad) and a young daughter, that she lost due to an automobile accident at age 8, on Sundays she preached at 3 Va. churches with no licence to either drive or preach..  I remember her as I was growing up as her  attending these loud Pentecostal hallelujah type prayer meetings I laughed at. 

   I hated when Grandma came to visit us because that meant we would all have to get down on our knees in the living room and pray aloud before we went to bed, that is, if we didn't get away in time before it was time to pray.  I always made myself scarce then.  I'm named for my grandmother Anna.  Could it be her who kept on me yesterday to correct the scripture?  (It was her story!)  I wonder!!!! 

Mary Anna